From the inbox #160

“Today an ex wrote me to ask why I was loud and proud about being asexual. When we were dating he knew this about me and was pretty ok with it all.
When I asked why I shouldn’t be honest and open about it his reply was that “It’s not really the type of thing to be loud and proud about”. This bothered me beyond belief.
To him it seemed it is perfectly ok to be asexual as long as I’m not proud about it or as long as I don’t go around telling people.

This is only a few days after a friend of mine told me that my openness and willingness to talk freely about my asexuality had given her confidence to be honest and open about her own asexuality with the people in her life.

Here comes my request. I want to write a post on facebook where I very clearly tell all my friends and family about my aceness and why it is important to be open about it.
I don’t want to miss anything important so I am asking you guys for ideas to what I need to add.
Also everyone knows that a post is more likely to be read is it is accompanied by a picture so i need some ideas for what that picture should be.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions already since I know you guys always come through for each other.”

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