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“Right now I’m on a closed relationship, I’m a FTM asexual and my mate it’s ok with that, but today she was wondering what would happend when she wanted to have sex with me because I’m not attracted to her on that way and It’s like- I still love her, a lot, she means a lot for me, it’s just that sex it’s not my thing and I can’t think otherwise, I’ve also talked with her a few times before, telling her stuff like “if you want to we can do it and such” but there’s still two things, the fact that I’m not attracted in a sexual way to her and that worries her, and that I’m actually pretty scared of sex?, I swear I didn’t noticed that till today, when we talked about that I got really -Really- Inconfortable, I was feeling pretty sick because of the idea of having sex with someone???
Being honest I don’t know what to do:
I love her, I love her a lot
And she loves me too, and acepts the fact that I’m asexual
But I’m worried right now because I didn’t noticed that I’m kinda afraid of sex
And with time, I know that she’ll want to take that step
And I actually don’t want to
She’s ok with that but still I feel bad
And she’s also worried because she doesn’t want to force me to do something I don’t want to
And everything is just so confusing????
I don’t know what to do
And tbh Sex was like “eh, whatever” to me but now that It looks closer and closer to me I’m getting scared of it ???
So basically the problem is:
She wants to have sex with me.
I said “well we can have it but I’m not attrated to you so”
She got worried because of that. Because she doesn’t want to force me on that.
I got worried because of sex. But I don’t want to dissapoint her
And now I’m gonna lose my mind…
What can I do????
Please, someone have a tip or something?
Sorry if it looks too messy btw!!
And thanks!”

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