From the inbox #146

“So today I officially came out to my mom as asexual. I had tried to on my specific date but unfortunately the concept had sailed over her head. But today was different. I asked my mom where and when I could get fitted for a black ring (I’m practical about my ring sizes), and she said yes but also asked why. So naturally, I explained it. She didn’t get it at first (she mixed asexual with agendered), but it clicked soon and (like my 2nd eldest sister) the only question she asked was whether or not I’ll get married in the future. In the end, it actually turned out well and I’m going to get a ring soon 🙂
It’s a good feeling to know that I’ve got two more people by my side for the many that stand against what I stand for. What everyone on this page stands for.
So I want to thank you and everyone on this page for being the people to stand by not just me but one another because I think that’s what encouraged me to do this 🙂

With Love,
Dalia ♡ ”

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