From the inbox #145

“Hi everybody! Just wanted to share with you a piece of myself.
I’m autochorissexual – I enjoy porn and masturbating (not often, maybe once or twice a month), but when I imagine someone doing things to me… yeah, no. I was on exactly one date and kissed him few times during it. I decided it’s not something I enjoy.
I’m aromantic. I never was in love or had a crush, the closest thing was when at the age of 10 or so a classmate asked me who I like and I answered with a name of the prettiest guy in my class grin emoticon
I’m a loner. I don’t form long lasting relationships because I don’t often innitiate conversation. When I was at school I latched on one classmate and stuck with them most of the time. When prompted/invited I socialize with bigger group but I have to have someone famililiar nearby because I’m like “What I’m supposed to talk about? I’m not interested in boys, make up or other girly things”.
Right now I’m alone and I’m good.
Just wish my family would stop asking about boyfriend/friend/life outside internet.
Thanks for everyone who read this.”

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