From the inbox #141

“Hi! I just liked the group and wish to share my story (anonymously please).

I’m 20 years old (male) and a virgin. I do watch porn often and even masturbate but when the idea of sex is applied to me I can’t turned off real easily. Sex isn’t something I wish to have, ever. I find it strange because I do find people both physically and romantically attractive (not sexually) but I’d only want to kiss, cuddle and have other intimate relations with them; nothing sexual.

I don’t think this applies to me being ace, I’m not sure. Still, it makes dating and finding a relationship impossible! I’ll meet a nice guy or girl and we’ll get along just fine. Then, once I bring up my issues with sex they drop me like a bad habit as if I’m too much of a burden. Which is fine, I understand that 99% of people are bound to be sexual but it hurts. It makes me feel like a freak, a broken mind with misplaced components. I’ve even stop having dreams of marriage because I doubt anyone would want a sexless marriage.

It’s hard to be only 20 and feel like you’re be alone for the rest of your life. Is there a better solution…?”

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