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“My boyfriend broke up with me on the phone in his words “he didn’t see a relationship where him and I were happy. And I wasnt about to argue there but I asked about my asexuality and if that affected things he said yes. It did for two reasons: 1 I was in everyone’s face about it (which I wont really fault him for. I wouldnt be surprised if my friends said I’m done with your shit because I dont need to know how ace you are.) But the other reason being is that he likes it and is thinking about it all the time. And for me, the one who he wanted to do it with the most wouldnt let me, fucked him up. And before we talked about that specific detail my mom said the exact same thing. “I dont disagree with your stance, but I think that this asexual thing made have made an impact because hes an adult Male. Which means he’s thinking about sex all the time. I fully doubt he’s been faithful to you at all. You were kinda asking to be cheated on. And possibly 89% of the Male population will feel the same way.” I’m the one at fault because I’m the one to stop texting him first to see what he’d do, and that led to our break up. And apparently we both have been thinking about it for a long time. But when mom and him mentioned me being ace, I guess that kinda shook me. Does anyone think anyone who is asexual (homo, bi, pans, hetero romantic etc.) have a chance in meeting someone who will be ok with that?”

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