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“Hey! I had something really cool happen and I thought you would appreciate it. So I just transfered to a new college and I joined an accappella group to try and make friends. Everyone seems cool and a couple of weeks ago they held a party for the group to welcome the newbies. I’m not too involved with ace pride stuff personally (like I don’t own anything ace related and I’m just not at a fantastic place with myself regarding my asexuality) but I am aware of a lot of it, so when I saw one of the veteran members of my accappella group wearing a black ring I was like hmm maybe that could mean shes ace but probably not idk. So at this party I went up to her and complimented her ring and she was like “oh thanks it’s my asexuality ring” and I was like OH MY GOD ME TOO and she was like NO WAY. It made me happy because she has a girlfriend and they’re awesome together and recently i’ve been down in the dumps because I think that because i’m ace I can never truly have a relationship but seeing them makes me happy. Idk this was just the first time I really met another asexual person so it was cool.”

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