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“So I’m hanging out alone with this girl who I’ve hung out with a few times before and here’s the actual conversation that happened (a little bit before this, she was telling me about how many gay friends and said she had two asexual friends so I said “ayyy my people”:
Her- my uncles aren’t together anymore but they live together. I think they’re fucking secretly. No ones that happy without sex. They must be getting it somewhere.
Me- well I mean people can be happy without sex. It’s not even that spectacular.
Her- well of course you’d say that
Me- what do you mean?
Her- while still being a virgin I mean you’re asexual so you feel it not as well as other people
Me- asexuals still feel the same things,most just don’t have sexual attraction.
Her- no it’s not as good for asexual people because they don’t even really want it in the first place
Me- asexual can be in the mood. Like I’ve had sex before and I 100% wanted it because I was in the mood. It’s just not what society worships it as. Yeah it’s nice, but I can live without it.
Her- that’s not how asexuality works. Asexuals can’t want sex
Me- it’s a huge spectrum, some asexuals want to have sex, and some asexuals even feel sexual attraction at some times.
Her- wanting sex is called being a normal human being do you even know what asexuality means? Obviously not. I have to listen to asexual lectures from my two asexual friends all the time. You’re not asexual. You’re normal.
And I didn’t know what to say so I just got really quiet, and my sister couldn’t come get me for another hour, so I just died a bit on the inside”

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