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“So i just want to share that a friend of mine who has been a huge support in my learning and coming out process recently told me they were questioning their own identity and if they might be asexual. In less than an month they found a term that they feel comfortable with that fits them, and looking back on my own journey, particularly the too-many years i spent believing i was broken, im so proud of how far the community has come. I spent years with a very narrow and constricted view of what asexuality was and i was convinced that i couldn’t be asexual for this reason or that reason, and didn’t come to my current label for almost six years after learning asexuality existed. That a person could come forward with a question and have an answer in such a short amount of time shows how much we as a community have grown and become visible, and im very proud of that. Im beyond thrilled for my friend, and i wish you all a happy early Asexual Awareness Week. Be safe, Be proud, Be YOU.”

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