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“This has probably been asked before, but I just want to know if “coming out” to parents is something I should do, being an asexual. My parents definitely know I’m different, and I’m extremely close with them, however, they don’t really know anything about the LGBT+ community, let alone do I think they care? (Not in a rude way) They do their best but at the end of the day they tell me, “Whatever it is, we don’t care, as long as you are happy.” So should I be forward with them and “come out” as an asexual? Or should I just leave it alone. I’m unsure if it’s really a big deal but at the same time, something in me is sort of annoying me to just tell them. I’ve come out to various friends but for some reason, with my parents it’s different. So, have any of you “come out” to your parents? And would you have any advice on if I should or not and how I would go about doing so, if I did go forward with it?”

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