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TW: Rape, homophobia, transphobia
“I have a problem I want to get off my chest.
I’m an atheist, but I recently made a religiously devout friend around 2 months ago through a friend (who is a recent convert) of mine that I made in another ace group around 6 years ago. Neither of them are in here, and to protect their privacy, let’s call them “Betty” and “Susan”.
“Betty” posted a description of that Dutch airlines pride thing, jokingly saying that “only one seatbelt will save your life”. In the comments (where people were spouting both pro and anti LBGT material), someone posted something and then I replied that “homosexuality can be not only found in humans, but in many different species of animals from penguins to lions as well”. Another person responded to me that “we are not animals”, while Susan stated that “there is a species of monkey that rape other monkeys. Should we follow them by example too?”, obviously meant as sarcasm and most likely posted in anger since the whole status turned into a shitstorm. I know that she considers pretty much anything non-hetereosexual, or transsexual ‘a sin’ due to her strict conservative religious upbringing (no idea of her views on asexuality though, oddly enough). I don’t agree with her opinion, but I don’t know if I should let it end a friendship. (I also have friends who support Trump, etc).
What REALLY pissed me off is when people put words in my mouth. I’m trying not to get overworked about it, but I am visibly upset. I also don’t like to argue with people.
The question is: what do I do now?”

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