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“Hi guys… Sorry if the matter that I’m going to discuss in my msg may seem “childish”, but I really need to get it out of my chest… My english isn’t great; it’s not my native language x_x
So, two years ago, I had that unpleasant experience in a forum; people who chat in said forum are about 13-18.
It was organized in multiple sections : one for general discussions, one for silly games, one for fanfictions…etc
We were even allowed to post LGBT romance fanfictions there too (I was posting one there at the time)
Anyways, I remember meeting a group of girls there and being a shy girl myself, I simply wanted to make friends, so I started asking them basic questions : do you like fanfictions? what’s your favorite pairing? etc… to eventually attract new readers and get reviews.
Then one of the girls (I’m going to call her R) snapped at me, she said that homosexuality was a sensitive subject and it wasn’t tolerated in the forum since there are kids out there. I said that her reasoning was absurd because it’s okay to post LGBT fanfictions there in the first place and keeping LGBT stories away from kids won’t solve anything. But she kept telling me that what I was doing was wrong and that I wasn’t following the rules and posting guidelines of the forum and that she was going to contact a moderator… Even the other girls turned against me, saying that I was shoving my beliefs down their throats. I didn’t bother posting after the whole drama, I simply sucked it up and moved on but sometimes, I keep recalling the stuff that happened that day and I realize that their reactions were so not appropriate”

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