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“alright, so I’m a cis female biromantic (like 15% dudes 85% girl preference). I thought maybe I was ace because I never really experienced sexual attraction the way others described. Then that seemed awful so I hoped I was demi so it could at least happen with a close partner.
Well, I fell in love with a trans dude. He’s perfect in every way, we communicate well, we did the online thing for like a year before we finally met and honestly I’d say we’re still in the honeymoon phase. Unfortunately in the time we were together irl (two weeks), I think I was only attracted to him once (as in I had this sudden need to have sex with him).
This…means I’m ace, right? He’s hypersexual but we’ve talked about the fact that I most likely am, and while I enjoy sex because it pleases him it’s not really something that I subconsciously think about. He’s cool with it thankfully (like legitimately cool with it, he adores me), but “an ace that enjoys sex” isn’t something that’s really talked about often. I never really sought it out even with my last few partners, but with him it’s not so bad. Do I fall on the spectrum or should I explore other things? Even when I see cute girls I never really feel attracted to them LOL
Thank you for your input.”

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