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“I have a friend/ex that I still hookup with from time to time. When we dated it was just assumed that I was straight. I had an idea that I might be ace before dating him, but then we had sex and I guessed that maybe I really was just straight. In the time that we’ve been broken up and hooking up I’ve come to more strongly identify as ace (uncertain on gray or demi, but defo ace) and sex-favorable/neutral. I’m not out, but I kinda wanna come out to him so he can understand. And for some reason I feel like I should since he is a partner of sorts. Should I come out or just continue as is? I honestly don’t think it would change anything, he’s pretty allo and he’d probably still just be glad we could have sex lol I was a virgin when we started dating and he handled that pretty well when I told him. Just anxious in gen on whether he will believe me because I’ve been pretty open with him in doing and about sexy fun time things. I know action doesn’t equal attraction, but I dunno if he does. I have no problem dropping him if he doesn’t tho! Still, I dunno whether to come out or not.”

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