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“[Note: discusses racism]
I have been seeing a bunch of racist comments and posts from white aces and aros recently. However, this has been an issue in ace and aro spaces for a long time. Unfortunately, the post that inspired me to write this wasn’t new or surprising to me since I have been seeing a lot of white aces and aros posting racist and sexist stuff recently, though this has been an issue for a long while. This prompted me to share these links. {Links below are for people interested in learning about race and racism in ace and aro spaces. All I could find are ones for ace spaces, but I think it is safe to assume that the same applies to aro spaces.} [Unfortunately, this has been an issue with white allies, centrists, and moderates as well, not just extreme white supremacists like Richard Spencer and Roosh V. A lot of ace and aro spaces have this issue too, even the international ones. And in my experience, explaining racism to white non-Americans is more difficult than talking to white Americans because a lot of them like to play the “not-American” card when I call them out for their racism. They only understand explicit racism from white Americans, but not more nuanced topics like cultural appropriation. Also, a lot of white LGBTQ+ people like complaining about LGBTQ+ POC being “problematic” for talking about racism.]
Asian community and LGBTQ+:
*…/2015/05/lgbt-2004-apa-portrait.pdf [This was the study that showed a statistics that LGBTQ+ Asians feel slightly more comfortable in general LGBT spaces than general Asian spaces while acknowledging the racism they get from non-Asian LGBTQ+ people. Even though this study was from 2005, this is sadly still true today, in my experience. So many general and male-dominated Asian spaces are too busy complaining about Asian women and LGBTQ+ Asians being “race traitors” if they don’t bow down to cis straight Asian men to care about other progressive ideas. A bunch of MRAs, incels, MGTOWs, and PUAs have infiltrated a lot of general and male-dominated Asian spaces as well.]

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