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“For my entire life (I’m 27) I thought I was aromantic, since I never had any romantic feelings from nobody I’ve meet, either sexual, but right now I think I’m having romantic feelings for an online friend.
The thing is i never seen this friend in person, our entire relation is online since we live in two different places of America: she lives in Mexico and I live in Chile, southamerica and isquite possible we never meet offline because of that.
in adittion this person is straight, has a boyfriend (wich by the way is a nice guy that makes her happy, but it saddens me at the same time) , we have different personalities and she’s hypersexual, while me I’m asexual and sex repulsed, so a relationship between the two of us would never work,(keep that in mind helps me to deal with the situation) wich is why I’m never confessing my feelings to her, yet I still hold feelings I never had for nobody.

But my main confussion is that maybe all this feelings might happen only because our lack of fisical contact? because she’s on the screen? I might be experiencing a sort of platonic love? I never had feelings for somebody I meet in person.
We got close as time went by, but I don’t think it will go any fyrther after all what I’ve descrived

I’m very confussed because I never heard of somebody dealing with this, not to mention I can’t comment this with friends of family since I live in a country where LGBTQA stuff is still not accepted among society, if I say so my family might think I have some sort problem and friends woul only say “I haven’t found the right man yet”, wich I know is not the answer I look for.

I would be deeply thankfull with some supportive words, since I’ve found moderators are very understanding here.”

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