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“Hello there.
I had a breakup with my boyfriend of seven months a week ago and I’m starting to realize I can’t feel romantic feelings for people. Thing of it is, he was my friend for two years, we got together in January and broke up this month.
I’ve realized I can’t feel romantic feelings for people because I get hurt. And it didn’t help matters he lied to me about someone he claimed was a troll that was sending me a threatening text the whole time and it turned out to be his mom, and he lied because he was scared. Then he claims his mom made him lie about it. And this happened when we were arguing over him blowing up my messages constantly and asking me the same questions I answered in the past. I was close to breaking up with him on Thursday and I finally broke up with him last week when I saw enough red flags to make my head spin.
I’ve started to also come to terms that, while I am 23, I don’t need romantic love in my life if I can’t feel it. I thought I would’ve been healed after having stopped long distance relationships since 2015, but I guess not. I’m too old for them and I won’t do them again.
It doesn’t help matters he wouldn’t understand I was aroace. I’ve realized if people can’t love me for being who I am, why should I love them? They’ll hurt me and expect me to be okay with it. I’m crying as I type this. He hurt me so badly and then his apologizes were so half assed…”

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