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“Hey there! So, in light of all of the hype on here about ace-exclusion, I thought I would share a list of the ones I’ve found, and alternatively, to brighten the heavy mood a bit, some of the inclusive ones I’ve found! Unfortunately, the only inclusive ones I’ve found seem to be targeted towards sapphic/lesbian users, but I suppose it’s a start.
Exclusionary pages:
-Lesbian memes for gatekeeping teens
-Bi memes for dirty allo beans
-Lesbian Memes for Lucifer- Loving Teens
-Genderqueer Gengar
-Acecourse memes for exclu beans
-Exclusionist Aces (This is a community of aces, however they’re of the belief that aces aren’t LGBTQIA+)
-Exclusionist Natsuki
Inclusive pages (again, sorry they’re all sapphic, I know we’re a diverse community so it such for non-Sapphic users 😕 ):
-Inclusionist Sapphic Memes
-Inclusionist Sapphic & Queer Femmes
-Sappho is my mom
There’s one I kinda wanna warn the trans women in our community about, since I’m sure they’re are quite a few, and many trans women tend to find this kind of thing problematic for them: Gaylor Moon is fairly accepting from what I’ve seen, but they tend to post a lot about “trap” stuff. I don’t want trans women in our community to hop in there because they’re ace inclusive and be triggered by “trap” memes if that’s something they struggle with.
I hope this is helpful!”

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