From the inbox #1262

TW: Acephobia
“Hello! This is kind of in response to your inbox post about the ace exclusion in “Bi memes for dirty allo beans.”
I wanted to make people aware of another page that is rampant with ace exclusion. “Lesbian memes for gatekeeping teens.” They’re actually followed by the Bi one. Both of them use terms like “gatekeeping” and “allo” as terms of endearment for themselves and a way to mock ace people for being upset about being excluded.
I just want my ace fam to be aware of pages like these that aren’t safe places for them. I left a bad review on both of them, and the Bi one argued with me for a good hour on why aces aren’t LGBT, and even compared asexuality to pedophilia to another reviewer to make a point that it’s no more an orientation than that is.
Desperately wishing there was an option to report these pages. They’re extremely toxic communities.”

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