From the inbox #126

“I’m a touch-aversive aromantic asexual and I like being open about it. I am content with my identity, but I am also fairly anxious about the possibility that I am not aro-ace and that one day I’ll realize I’m a heteromantic heterosexual chick (which is what I would be if I was attracted to anything but aesthetics or connotation) with the image of an ace and that I won’t be able to find a romantic partner because of it.

There is a lot of “evidence” that “proves” that I am and have always been ace, but I still can’t shake the paranoia. A friend told me to just not identify as anything or not to tell anyone if I’m worried, and that she used to identify as bi but ended up pan and it worked out (not to disrespect her, but that’s kind of not the same to me considering it’s not the degree of availability, but the possibility of availability in its entirety). Needless to say, I’m kind of stuck now.

I normally deal with most things myself, but I gotta ask, any advice?”

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