From the inbox #1255

“Hey! I hope it’s okay to message you like this; it’s not really a confession like you usually do, but I wanted to bring awareness to a project that I have been starting.
I recently just created a blog called Clover Theory. Clover = “Conditional Lover,” but the full name of the blog is “The Conditions of Love” which looks into the fine print of relationships. So far I’m the only author, and I’ll be talking about my asexual experience (i.e. wanting to feel sexy without actually having sex), but I hope to eventually bring more people in on the project to open up about their experiences. I know that I am only one part of the asexual spectrum, and a small part in the entire LGBT community.
I only have 1 post so far, but I’m going to try and post once a week with similar length.
Here’s the link 🙂