From the inbox #1253

TW: Ace&Aro-phobia, rape mentioned
“Hi guys ! I don’t know if someone will see this but it’s my only way to express myself about something that I saw and I was really mad about. First of all, I’m French so I’m sorry if my English is bad. Secondly, I am biromantic and I love your page, it really helps me realize that I’m not the only ace on this planet and I laugh a lot because of what you post so thank you! But what I want to talk about is that last time, I was one Facebook, on a Bisexual page, and I saw this post that you have shared a few days ago too, but they removed the “arophobia” and “acephobia”. And when someone corrected them, the administrator said that these phobia don’t exist. I’m reaching out to you because I am very upset about this. When I was in high school people used to make jokes about me all the time because I didn’t like having sex and I was ace, they said I wasn’t normal and some boys made jokes about “raping me so that I would have had sex before I die” (I’m so sorry my English is catastrophic, I’m doing my best). What I want to say is that Acephobia exist but people don’t call it like that, because they think that what they are saying is normal. And it makes me very sad, to know that some LGBT people don’t even support other LGBT people that have been bullied. Thanks for reading, thanks for the fantastic Ace page, I love you all ♥♠