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“My English is not very good. Sorry.
“The soul wants love. Most girls want body sex. Sex is easy, love is hard. Damn it.”
“Life should not be guided by brainless organ (genitalia) wants, let us devote our life to worth-while actions and feelings, to great thoughts, real affections and enduring undertakings. For life is too short to be little.”
“Sex is stupid. Waste of time. There is no love. There is no soul. People are scary. I think so. I suffer every day.”
“Sex does not contain feelings. Sex is not needed. Sex does not have love. Waste of time. Brainless organ (genitalia) taste. No thought.”
“I hate the love of Eros. I am rebelling against God because God has given humans sex. When two people fell in love with each other, they could have been breeding without sex.””

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