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“So I’m going to apologize ahead of time if this doesn’t make sense, cause sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me.
I’ve identified as panromantic demisexual for the longest time. I prefer girls and nonbinary people. But thats not the point. I really don’t think demisexual is the word for me. I don’t think I always need an emotional connection. Also side note I’ve had problems with things in the past, where anytime I’m messing around with someone I’ve freaked out and had a panic attack. Ive only done things with cis males though. Ive only had panic attacks with cis males. But since idk if i would have panic attacks with any other gender then idk what id be also. But the thing is i wish i didnt have panic attacks i really want to enjoy doing things instead​ of ruining​ the moment. I can get turned on, But i do not need to do sexual things I dont have to. I’m fine without it. But also there are times where i really dont like sex its like those times im almost completely asexual. But i feel like most of the time im in the middle of asexual and ig the “normal”?? idk what to call it. but its very fluid sometimes but its mostly either completely asexual or in the middle. Im also trying to figure out if i am graysexual.. idk if thats how you spell it and im not sure if i know what it is exactly. Im just trying to figure out what i am. So any advice or anything would be helpful!”

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