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“I watched the video shared on asexuality and it lead me to this which is more of a poly thing, but at around 12 minutes they talk about is sex needed for their relationship and 4/6 said yes and then they talked about it, and it something was something that I felt connected to, as i’m in a relationship of almost 2 years now and its been great but my partner is now telling me about how unwanted and unattractive they feel because I don’t really like sex, now i’m an asexual with a physical disability that means i’m in chronic pain and have insomnia due to it, I have also suffered depression because of it, I have meds for the pain and they space me out and don’t fully work but I’ve dealt with the depression, and I’ve been asexual since before all this and my partner whom I’ve known for close to 4 years knew all of this before hand, and its just something I wanted to know if people in the community have experience with dating a non-asexual person who was initially fine with it but over time it changed a bit, i’m not looking for answer’s just to see if i’m not alone on this, thanks “


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