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“Hey, I always see people asking questions or sharing fun memes or trying to explain things. Maybe you could share this? It’s a work in progress but I’ve tried it out on some friends and they said it’s helped.
If you come across a cake and find it aesthetically attractive it means you think it’s pretty. It was very well put together and it’s nice to look at.
Sexual attraction is seeing the cake and the visual sparking thought about smelling it or eating it. But, you might not actually want to, you just imagine it. Maybe it initiates hunger and maybe it doesn’t.
Sex drive is how big your appetite is. You may just not be hungry almost ever. If you eat, it’s for some other reason. If you have a large appetite you want to eat, but you may not necessary care what you eat. Eating itself is what is satisfying, not necessarily what was eaten.
Sexual desire is being hungry for cake specifically. You want to eat that cake. Or maybe you just want to eat a cake and go looking for one. Just because you want the cake doesn’t necessarily mean you go after the cake.
Sexual activity is actually eating the cake. This could be because you really wanted the cake, but also because you just wanted to try the cake, or maybe everyone else was having cake and there was social pressure, etc.
Sexual orientation is what flavor(s) you like.”

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