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“Hello, I was hoping you could post this for me. I’m not quite looking for advice but more opinions. I am nonbinary. Have been out since I was fifteen. That is easy for me. What I am struggling with is my identity. You see, I went from closeted to bi to gay to demi. I still think I am demisexual and panromantic, but I have been single for 3 years now and I cannot remember the last time I was interested in someone. While I occasionally get lonely or want for a relationship, there isn’t a single person I even have the interest in considering. I have been wondering if I may be a aromantic or if I really have just not met anyone of interest to me. For my aro/ace siblings: how did you figure it out? In a world where we are told romance is the and all be all, how did you sort out what was what you really wanted and what you were socialized to want?”

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