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“Been following this group for awhile now, and while ive had questions ive never really had the courage to ask. So here we go, i guess.
I’m 28. Been in several relationships. Have 2 kids. A couple years ago i was talking to my cousin about sexuality and how i felt like i didn’t really fit into any category. I described to her what i now know as freysexuality(?) But even then it isnt right. I bounce so often between feeling sexual, sex repulsed, more often than not i just dont care and i can let it happen.
Sometimes i feel like its something i want to do. I think because i crave intimacy, but the act itself doesnt really feel like anything. I think i just sort of dissociate during.
My question is, how do i know if the way i feel is real? I mean i dont know what to call myself. Labels have never really felt all too important to me but i feel like i need tk explain myself somehow.”

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