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“Hello everyone. This is not my normal approach to brainstorming solutions to my problems but I am out of ideas. So here goes. If I am to identify as anything it would definitely be asexual, panromantic, often going between sex repulsed and sex indifferent (now I hope I got all that right, it not my intent to offend anyone, I am new to all of this). Anyways, I am in a relationship with someone I really love, she is a very sexual being, but she is also very respectful to my feelings. My question is does anyone have any advice as to how we keep this relationship strong, I don’t want her to just be respectful of me and avoid sex, I want to be respectful to her and engage in sexual activities on a somewhat regular basis. Is this possible or am I just being hopeful. Anything I can do to increase it from like once a month/every six weeks to maybe two times a month?”

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