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“Hi! I have some problems with sexuality and hoped someone here could give me some answers. Sorry for bad English in advance.
I’m a guy in his late 20s. My sexuality was fluid for my whole life. My early crushes were various genders and after hitting puberty I constantly switched between being homo and hetero. I’ve never been romantically interested in more than one gender at time, however I had no problems with sexual activity with any sex or gender if I wanted to be close with somebody. My orientation tend to switch when I meet someone I deeply care about. For example, I’ve met my last girlfriend as gay, turned hetero for her (guys stopped matter for me) and I was still hetero when I met my last boyfriend. Turned gay with him (girls stopped matter for me), and now I’m still gay, although we broke up three years ago – I wasn’t in relationship since then. I enjoy nude art and idea of sex, but when I’m doing it, I’m treating it more as experiment or bonding sexercise. I’m in therapy (I was diagnosed with depression few years ago) and we discovered that I’ve never felt real lust. It might be true because I can’t relate to all that heat my friends talk about. Real life sex is kinda sticky and gross, however warm feeling of safety and bonding is more important to me than whole awful side of it. And I simply enjoy experimenting with others.
Sooo, have anybody heard about something like that? Any idea what label could fit (I know I don’t need labels, but I feel better with one).”

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