From the inbox #122

“I know blanket statements are bad, but sometimes I really just want to say “sexual people make me angry” and not have to feel like apologizing afterwards. I’m starting to get insanely… well, pissed off, at the implication I will never be able to have a relationship that does not involve sex or that I am somehow worth less for noy wanting it. That disliking sex is such an alien thing that there is no way I could not want it, and moreover, the only reason I’m not having it is because I’m somehow not worthy of it. Too dumb, too ugly, too obnoxious, or what the fuck ever. I’m angry. I’m not sad, I’m not hurt, I’m ANGRY that so much value is placed on sex in society, and I’m so fucking pissed that I will have to spend my life explaining to 50-year-old dudebros that I am not worth less for it. I just… I CAN’T be the only one getting tired of this, so very, incredibly tired of this. I’m not worth less… I’m not. Fuck all if you think I am, and not literally, fuck you if you think I am. I’m so fucking tired of sexual people. And I don’t mean this completely, not really, but that’s just the thought going through my head SO often these days. Fuck sex. Fuck people who think i’s a necessity. Fuck people who think they’re better for having lots of sex. ”

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