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“So I am a bit confused. I know I’m asexual and I’ve also recently start identifying as aromantic. I’ve been getting really close to this one person on an emotional level and we’ve been cuddling a lot. I’m not attracted to them romantically or sexually, but sometimes when we’re cuddling I get really turned on. Some days I can’t stop thinking about cuddling with them and wanting to be close to them and maybe do more than just cuddling. But other days I feel really repulsed by these feelings and it makes me really anxious. I seem to switch between these two feelings with no warning and each lasts several days to a week. To complicate things, this friend has a huge crush on me. I told them I don’t want a relationship and they said they’re fine as long as they can be my friend. I really value our friendship but I don’t know how to deal with the duality of these feelings. I’m also wondering if I’m aroflux? And do other people think that sexual desire is different from sexual attraction?”

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