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“Hi! So I have a question I would like to pose to the group, anonymously, if possible. I’m still not really out to many people yet and I kind of would like to keep it that way for now, but anyway! I have a good friend of mine who is working on a TV pilot, and he wants one of the main characters to be ace. He asked me how I would like to see asexuality represented in the media, and I gave him my response, but he also asked me to open it up to as many people as I could reach so he could do a better job of representing the community as a whole. Since it’s a spectrum, he wanted to get a lot of opinions. Would it be ok if we opened a discussion in the group about ace representation in the media and what we wish we could see on screen? It’s alright if not, but I figured I would ask. I really love this page a lot and love the sense of community and safety is has created. You guys rock my socks 😊😊

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