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“Looking back at my life, I now see I’ve always been ace without knowing. But since this question is more about emotions I won’t deepen that part of the story. Anyways. I had crushes before, I felt desire to be close to them and kiss the hell out of then but as soon as I got close enough to do so I lost interest. It always felt like I was a cat hunting a bird. Once it caught the bird, it’s no longer interesting. I now understand it, thanks to you all, as lithromantic/ akoiromantic. Over a year ago I thought I developed a crush on a colleague but this time I simply could not imagine more than a kiss on the forehead. Not knowing about squishes but constantly thinking of him, I declared a crush. He told me he wouldn’t care that much. That feeling stayed and we became friends. Ans since that day I am happy. Around him, with him. later I learned about the term squish and it seemed to be the perfect word. Now, a year later we still are friends and quite close. He is ace as well and identifies as aro. Since I know about it I GRAVE romantic behavior. Not like taking a bubble bath together, or singing him songs, but more like cuddling, kissing, stroking his head, telling him how important he is to me and so on. basically relationship stuff, without the naked and weird parts. I’d give up everything I am having right now to be with him, in case he’d move or similar. I might be ready to beat people up that treat him bad. He is. The MOST. Important person in my life.
To the question: Have you ever felt similar? Should I tell him or is it simply my desire to get what I won’t be. My hunting attitude? I don’t know how I should behave. Because it’s driving me sooo nuts!
Thanks for reading.”

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