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“Hi everyone. I love this page. I finally feel like it’s ok to be me.
Last night it came up in conversation with my mom that she thinks I put too much “private stuff” on my Facebook (mind you, I’m gonna be 30 this year). I asked her what she meant and she says all awkwardly “you know, all that stuff about aces.” Apparently it’s inappropriate for me to share content from this and related groups in a public place where my grandma could see it. I told her that’s like telling a gay man he shouldn’t wear rainbows because he’s broadcasting his sexuality but she seems to think its totally different. My mom has always been accepting and loving through my journey, including when I was trying out “bi” as an identity. Yet somehow now that I’ve settled on the ace spectrum she totally rejects its validity… I’m lost and hurt and not sure how to talk to her about this. Can anyone share advice or coming out stories to help me?”

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