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“I honestly dont know what to do anymore, so I have group of friends and I like one of them I never told anyone because I dont want to get my hope up but I did told one and she kept telling me I should try to keep them feelings. And me and Him we were somewhat close, we werent personal but we made each laugh and joke a lot. And group of friends they were talking about him liking me and I didnt know and he got really upset and just started acting weird. And he got mad at me randomly saying things wouldnt work out between us because I’m Asexual and hes super sexual and he stayed away for day and half from me. Then was close to me then wasnt. And I usually keep the “gossip” about boys to myself but i started to talk about it because I don’t see the point trying anymore. But now I’m just hurt because there this girl hes really close to and its bummer because I gotten my hopes up for something I knew he didn’t want me because I’m Asexual. And I honestly hate that girl. And I’m so hurt I cant even try to move on and forget but how??? I dont wanna get to the point not being into the group because of him and that girl. I get bummed out seeing them have something I dont have, my hopes I wanted. I been single for 3 years because “you’re Asexual” and I’m honestly done but keep wanting a relationship.”

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