From the inbox #1202

“I’ve seen a lot about the ablesim (and racism) in the lgbtq community especially during Pride month and Pride events, one thing that keeps coming up is the lack accessibility for disabled people but pretty much everything I’ve seen has been in the USA and I’m wondering if the problem extends and is as big in other countries? (I understand not every country has their Pride celebrations around the same time so whatever the equivalent would be for you)
I’m not PoC or disabled but I’ve always felt that the LGBTQ community here in Australia at least in NSW doesn’t have these issues to the scale they appear to be in the USA. The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras always seems to make a big effort to be accessible offering sign language interpreters, carers and aid companions getting complimentary tickets, ensuring that there are accessible veiwing venues to watch the parade ect.
Honestly (unless someone disabled or POC who would know better than I says otherwise) if you experience these issues and can make it to the Sydney Mardi Gras next year I highly recommend coming (Don’t let the “Gay and Lesbian” part of the name put you off, I’ve never had any issues or people questioning if I should be there even with my opposite gender partner).
(Additional note: Australia is somewhat known for having an underlying racist culture but I’ve never noted it extending into or being heavily prevelant in the Australian LGBTQ)
If you have any experience with this even if it counters my own assessment please share.”