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“Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give me their opinion on this.
My boyfriend of two years has just cheated on me but I don’t feel anything about it. We’re at the stage where we’re looking for our first flat together so we’re currently living apart. I’ve moved home to live with my parents in the interim and we’ve been phoning/ video calling every day.
We have the kind of relationship where if he wants sex I usually give it to him and it’s not a problem. If I say no he respects that.
A few days ago he told me he met a random woman on a train, she turned out to be a prostitiute, he went back with her and did the do because he was missing having sex so much. It had been a week since we last slept together.
So my problem is I don’t feel betrayed or angry because it’s just sex. It’s not like he knew this woman or was in a romantic affair with her. It’s not something I would consider breaking up over either, it seems such a small thing to me because it was only the act of sex without any romantic involvement.
So my question is what do you guys think of his behaviour? And my reaction to it?

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