From the inbox #12

“My boyfriend broke up with me because I’m graysexual. He tried to live with it but after a while, he came to the conclusion that it’s a phase, because I was more sexually active when we started dating. He doesn’t understand that it was the excitement that drove me to start sexual activity, rather than me being attracted to him. He thinks sexual attraction falls under romantic attraction. It was hard, but then he made a threatening phone call. It wasn’t anything harmful, he just sounded really threatening and told me I need to stop being asexual or he walks. It hurt to tell him, but he had to go. He publicly changed his status to single (after 2 years of dating me) and demanded that I block him and delete all the photos.
To my fellow aces, stay strong. Many allosexuals don’t understand us but I believe I will find a nice man in the future. It’s not easy but don’t ever let a person threaten you because of your sexuality.”

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