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“I don’t know if I’m suppose to ask for advice in this way, or not but I need some advice when it comes to a girl I’ve had a crush for a little over four years, I developed a crush on her in the middle of sophomore year of high school (before I realized I was asexual) while I was being bullied heavily at the time, she tried to help me with the situation but I pushed her away by ignoring her in order to keep her safe from the bullies which only led to rocky second half of sophomore year, fast forward to junior year’s beginning, I mostly left her alone due to me not having classes with her, and to give her a break after the bad stuff that happened sophomore year, but our friends found out about my crush on her, and started playing pranks on us which led to us just staying distant for the duration of junior year. Then senior year starts, and we become friends again, and I mentioned the fact that I don’t have any desire for sex with anyone, and she suggests I might be asexual so I looked into it, and determined that I am asexual, my depression also goes away as a result of me becoming friends with her again, but then sadly senior year came to an end once we graduated. Now, fast forward two years to now, and my depression has returned, and become much worse, we are both in college(we both attend the same college, but I’m a semester or two ahead of her due to her being in the National Guard, and having to do military related stuff since we graduated) but haven’t talked since this most recent November, and I want to ask her for help with my depression, and maybe talk to her more, and maybe develop a romantic relationship with her, but I don’t know how to go about it, she knows I’m asexual, and seems to like that characteristic of me, and won’t let anyone bother me about it, and knows I have a crush on her, but she is bisexual, and I’m not sure if she would want a relationship with me, I’ve never lost feelings for her(I have no desire for sex with her though), and I haven’t developed feelings for any other girl since falling in love with her. Plus, she makes me really happy. Our personalities are similar for the most part, but I’m just nervous about everything between me and her especially after the awkward sophomore, junior years of high school. If I have to, I might just stay close friends with her. I just need advice on how to talk to her more, and finally fix this situation.”

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