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“I just… Don’t really know. I will add a TW for further down for abuse/assault. I am not really sure what I am. I have identified as pansexual for a very long time and for a while it fit, though it just doesn’t quite feel right anymore. I am not repulsed by sex, I enjoy having sex when it happens with my husband, but I just don’t really feel the need or want to do it all the time. I never look at someone and think “Oh I want to have sex with them” and this includes my husband. I don’t know what I am, or if I do know I am asexual and just in denial. I didn’t know it was even a thing for a long time, and any time I asked whether it was normal to just not feel it I was told that I would just grow into it and that I was just a late bloomer, or it is just from my assault at 13yrs old and physically and sexually abusive ex. I am very thankful for this page, it has taught me a lot I didn’t know, to help me accept both myself and others. I don’t really think I am looking for advice, but if you have any feel free. Thanks again”

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