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“Hey gang…
So, I’m sex repulsed ace and I’ve accepted this as my identity… I still struggle from time to time feeling broken and undesirable and what not but I’ve gotten better with self acceptance, esp in the last year or so.
Some things I’m still really struggling with is finding acceptance from outsiders, including within the community.
I’m a really touchy and flirty person and love intimacy such as holding hands or back rubs or kissing, but I’m just really not into the whole frick frack buisness or genitals at all and I don’t feel sexual attraction towards people. I also have a very hyper-sexualized body, I got a booty that’s Poppin’ and love to make myself up pretty… People regularly call me a tease and a fake ace and and it’s really frustrating, esp when it’s people within the community.
I’ve also had a really hard time with the idea of having a relationship, bc I really want a relationship and companionship, and I have wonderful platonic relations but it’s not the same, ya know? But I’m scared from both past experiences and what people say that a lasting relationship will never happen and it’s just really getting me down. I’d really love to hear people’s stories in respect to relationships and any advice to get over these barriers I feel that I have preventing happiness.”

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