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“Hi, I’m writing because I would like to have an advice. I have never been un a romantic relationship, thought I would like to. Recently I have been feeling identified as Ace, I haven’t tell people because I don’t want then to believe I don’t want to be un relationship, but I can’t manage to date boys, I like them like friends but the moment they try to make a romantic movement I feel repulsion, Is not the physical contact, I can enjoy it just fine as long as it doesn’t have any romantic connotation. But I don’t feel repulsion for the romance by itself, I have had romantic fantasies all over my life and I find cure when I see couples dating. I know I have hurt many people who tried to asked me out by cutting them off, I always feel really bad for doing so, but I just can’t give them a chance -unless they ate very close friend to me, I feel very uncomfortable when I know they are after a date with me-. I always tell myself that I should give them a try, but I just can’t.
I hope somebody in the community could give me a word.

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