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“hello there!
first let me congratulate you on your great page, it’s a nice one
and then I’d like to ask something. I have been very sexually active since I was 15, like I masturbated a lot and I had my first sex encounter at this age, but then over years I developed a depression and the desire for sex came and went, and finally it looks like I have reached a stage where I definetly want sex but like.. I don’t want the part of doing it with someone else, because sometimes I even see myself as repulsive because of the sexual impulses I have. It’s like I like sex, I just don’t like doing it with another person and whenever I do it I usually regret it instantly and feel bad about it for a few hours after… Idk if this could be considered some kind of asexuality because it might be linked to some emotional trauma and to the fact that society links sex and romantic love in a way that it’s hard to tell the border for us who have internalized those ideas even tho I am working on deconstruct my thinking for it to be more coherent on what I think
In short, it’s like I want sex until I cum and then it’s like a lot of repulsion and elf hatred…”

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