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“Hey everyone! I’m opening an online shop with designs that feature pride stuff, and would like your input! Regardless of gender, all are welcome to answer

– Would S to 3XL be inclusive of your body type? See attached side guide.
(There’s an option that runs to 4XL and has more colors, but it’s more expensive. I will expand to that type of shirt later, but for now I’d like to offer designs on the shirt that’s budget-friendly for both me and y’all.)

– How much would you be willing to pay (or usually expect to pay) for an unisex shirt with tear-away labels? (labels printed on the shirt – no more itchy labels, good for folks on the spectrum like me!) Shipping is free! [I might consider using the more expensive option if the price y’all provide can work with the product]

Looking forward to hearing from you!”

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