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“I wanted to send a message because I thought this was one of the few places that might understand. My best friend of ten years asked me out, I said no. It’s nothing personal, I’ve just felt for as long as I can remember a disconnect from all things romantic. I hate being touched, I’m sex repulsed, I don’t even like the idea of kissing or hugging. Above all, I feel wholly uncomfortable with the idea of dating. I’m not lonely or worried about being alone by any means, but I dread the feeling of being in a society that expects you to date and enjoy those things when they just feel like foreign concepts to me. I’ve never had anything traumatic happen, it’s just how I am. My parents lectured me for saying no to him, saying that I don’t like it because I won’t give it a try. I’m not upset with them for it, and my friend was respectful about my declining him. I guess my problem is more of trying to feel the way I do when the world around me says that I should be feeling differently.”

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