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“So my best friend identifies as demi romantic, he also still has his “V card” at age 23 (I see nothing wrong with this, I love him to death, he’s amazing). But his other friends and his family (he’s very close to them, they’re important to him, and in most cases very supportive and encouraging) they’re all about pressuring him with the usual… “When are you getting a girlfriend?” “Bro, you need to get laid LOL” and since everyone else identifies me as female, and we’re so close, we get shipped HARD. We’re perfect for each other (yeah, duh, that’s why we’re best friends), so that’s awkward enough. But he actually WANTS a girlfriend. He’s a very romantic guy, he loves romance… But he’s a cute little geek, he’s not all muscles, he’s tall and lanky and “invisible to women”. Plus, he’s demi romantic so he’s not willing to just jump in bed with someone just for fun (you’d be surprised how fast of a turn off that weirdly is).
He’s tried dating sites but I guess he’s bad at them, and he’s an old soul anyway, he’s better with in person interacting.
I wish I could console him that he’s awesome as he is and that waiting it out is fine, but I’m worried he might become bitter over time.
So how else can I help him? I’m still his best friend, I got his back, I love him you death but I can’t find a girlfriend for him, all the women I know are taken or are attracted to aesthetics he doesn’t meet.”

(He’s demiromantic, heterosexual)

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