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From the inbox:

“hi! I love this page and as a demisexual young woman i feel entirely accepted. this page fills me with complete joy and if not for me but for others, I’m a christian and i know that a lot of religions get a bad rep for not accepting everyone but i want to change that. i accept everyone regardless of orientation, gender, race, and even other religions. and although im not too open about my sexuality at my church, if someone came up to me I’d answer truthfully. demisexual panromantic. i just want everyone to know they are loved very much. I came up with three ( technically 2) t-shirt designs that as someone on the ace spectrum i just say Jesus is my boyfriend and then the other one is for anyone in lgbtq+ to let your true colors shine. im not selling them and i dont even have any for myself but they are designs i thought people may enjoy them.”

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