From the inbox #111

“i’m ace, my girlfriend is not. lately we’ve been having mixed feelings about sex. she enjoys it while i’m indifferent but i guess she feels weird and cant get into it as much knowing i can’t be there emotionally the way non aces are and even said while she’s not ashamed of liking sex or anything, she sometimes wishes she stopped having a sex drive since we started dating. she’s totalyl cool with the ace thing and all but i think she feels guilty like in her mind she’s forcing me since i’m really only doing it for her but in reality i don’t mind for the most part because of how cool with it she is. that being said, ther are still times when i’m not 100% into it and i’m not sure how i feel about it. I keep changing my mind and as patient as she is i feel like i’m annoying her. but she has not problem stopping or not doing anything if i’m not comfortable. she knows its not personal and i’m just not wired to feel that way but i cant help feeling bad that i’m making her feel this way. thoughts, advice?”

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