From the inbox #11

“Advice? I’ve been dating someone for maybe three weeks and before we were dating, he didn’t act like he had any thoughts whatsoever on my being asexual, but now that we’re together, he asked me one day of why I was suddenly apologizing to him out of nowhere. I explained to him that due to my lack of sexual desire, I always feel an overbearing sense of guilt when I enter into relationships, and that it tends to drag me down and make my self confidence disperse. His responses now to anytime I bring that up are simply “well that’s your choice” or “I respect the way you think,” as if he got it into his head that I’m acting this way on purpose? Which honestly makes me feel a lot worse about it, because I’ve tried explaining to him that I can’t make myself want sex or anything like it and all he does is dismiss it like a fly. Then he says “if it’s a problem then we need to solve it together,” and that sort of threw me into an almost rage at him because he’s flip-flopping his words, saying it’s either a problem or it’s just how I want to think, which it’s not… I don’t know what to do about this anymore, I just feel like I’m useless as a partner and he doesn’t even care..”

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